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Allow cancelling a build from within a script.

I would like to be able to cancel a build (vs. having a build resulting in success or failure) when, during the build, we realize that we do not need to continue.

We use CircleCI for deployment, and we deploy to different servers based on Git branch. But many Git branches do not have a server configured for them so once we determine that there is no deploy server for a branch we want to just cancel the build.

Of course we could change it to “success” but unfortunately we do want Slack notifications the builds that result in no deploy but we do want for success and failure, but not for.

This could be as easy as allow us to specify a "cancel" exit value in config.yml -- like 255 --  and then if a script exits with the value we set in config,yml your systems consider the script to be cancelled.

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  • Sep 14 2018
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