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Allow authoring build config in EDN instead of YAML

We're Clojurists! You're Clojurists! We'd love to be able to replace `.circleci/config.yml` with EDN.  I guess we could check in an EDN file and generate YAML from it and check that in too, but the duplication is even less palatable.

This is probably too wild but in a wonderful future world, we could use Clojure 1.9's tools.deps and code-generate a config file at the start of each build.

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  • Aug 21 2018
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    Nathan Dintenfass commented
    21 Aug 16:47

    It's true we are unlikely to make EDN a first-class config, but we are looking at ways to let config generation happen automatically. That's in early R&D, so no promises, but if we were to support something like this you'd likely do it by doing your own parsing of your EDN and feeding a data structure through as JSON or something like that.