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Allow amount of Disk Space for Docker Layer Caching to be increased

I have been trialing the DLC recently. It seems to work rather well and solves my problem rather nicely, until it doesn't.


DLC seems to work by having its own filesystem on the container. This filesystem is limit to 50GB across the board. My use case for this feature requires Docker to have access to about 100GB of disk space. There is no way to increase this limit, even for more money.


DLC is a useful feature I am willing to pay money for, but there is no option to pay more money for more disk space which would make it actually work for my use case. This means that CircleCI is losing:

  • The upsell on the DLC feature
  • The additional upsell on additional storage space for DLC
  • And even potentially my team as a client because without DLC deploying via CirlceCI takes ~3.5 hours.

Please, let me give you money for a very useful feature you've implemented!

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  • Aug 15 2018
  • Future consideration
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    Guest commented
    15 Aug 18:15

    Oh yeah I also forgot the other reason I had for really wanting to see this feature. It probably will be more broadly appealing too.


    If you spend a significant amount of time building a deploy process with CircleCI and then end up with too large of a total image size, suddenly all of that work is wasted because you cannot increase the limit. This is a feature that will work for many projects until they grow to a certain size, and then it will stop working with no means to expand it. Even if the total size of all my Docker images wasn't at a point where this feature was problematic, I would be very very concerned with the risk associated in relying a feature which cannot scale with my project.

  • Admin
    Alexey Klochay commented
    05 Sep 13:40

    I am sorry that it is currently not possible to increase disk space limit for DLC. I’ll bring it up with the team. Thanks for submitting this idea!