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Ability to temporarily prevent all CircleCI builds from running for a GH org

It would be really great to be able to have a way to temporarily prevent all CircleCI builds from running across a GH org.

Reasoning: this morning (2018-07-12) a vulnerability in a NPM linter was discovered that attempted to send credentials in the code to a remote destination. As we use JS linting (along with a great many other people), we had to go to each GH repo to disable the CircleCI webhook from firing, since our linting is checked by the CircleCI build. But this does not prevent someone in our GH org from adding a new project within the CircleCI interface, which would then create a hook on the repo that we don't know about. It would be much greater if we could simply trigger something in the CircleCI interface to simply not process builds until we have reallowed it.


This is not the only use case, there are other security related reasons that a GH org would want to suspend all builds, this is merely the current high-priority reason.

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  • Jul 12 2018
  • Future consideration
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    Nathan Dintenfass commented
    14 Jul 07:52

    Agree this would be useful. I'm adding a triage card to our backlog to consider this for the future.