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Wrap workflow jobs to view all without scrolling

It can be very frustrating when one has to scroll past many jobs to see the state of the current active job in a workflow. Having the jobs wrap down the screen would save one from having to horizontally scroll to view the state of one's workflow.

Currently each of our organisation's workflows has at least 15 jobs, each of which requiring the last job to pass before the next can run. When viewing these workflows, the map of jobs showing their progress extends off the screen so that one has to scroll to see anything after the 6th or so job. We often have to monitor multiple workflows at a time, meaning we have to switch back and forth between them, every time having to horizontally scroll to see where it's up to. This has been exacerbated recently by the bug which shows all paused workflows as if they are in-progress in the list of workflows, which is why we have decided to bring this up.

It would be awesome if the CircleCI community could have a think about how we could solve this.

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  • May 23 2018
  • Future consideration
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