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CircleCI Terraform provider

CircleCI Terraform provider would be great addition as it would allow to manage CircleCI projects using code.

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  • Apr 24 2018
  • Future consideration
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    Guest commented
    03 Dec 14:57

    This would be an awesome addition to be able to automate the end to end creation of CCI pipelines.

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    Guest commented
    07 Dec 19:20

    Thanks! I'm not sure I follow...

    it would allow to manage CircleCI projects using code

    Isn't that how CircleCI projects are already managed?

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    Guest commented
    07 Dec 20:10


    Not exactly, you can manage the configuration of a project in the YAML config, but not have the project itself start building, or manage parameters. For organizations with a large number of projects, managing which projects are building, and which options they have, is not ideal, since, as best I know, it can mostly only be managed via the web GUI. Also, setting up a job involves following it yourself, which is not always the  desired behavior.

    That said, even before the tf provider, I think some of these options would need to be exposed in the API. For example, I don't think you can update advanced build options (like 'only build PRs', 'preempt builds', enabling preview version, etc., except via the API.

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    Guest commented
    10 Dec 08:57

    @ Rose

    as Guest, said, the goal would be to manage the pipeline itself as code (in terraform) not the actual project which, as you say, is already code. Creating pipelines in CIrcleCI should be an automated process whereas it is currently a largely manual process.