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Allow users to manually trigger ad-hoc workflows for commits

We have a long-running and resource-intensive legacy test/build process. Due to this, true continuous integration is cost prohibitive until we can spend some serious time to address our technical debt. Currently we have "only" filters to limit runs to ci-* branches, so users can push to those in order to trigger a build. This works, but is a bit unintuitive and not a great user flow since we still want the source commit/branch tagged as a green build.

What would be great is if we could see all commits/branches in CircleCI, even if they are skipped, and having the ability to trigger a workflow manually to run against a specific commit.

Another use case is to pick a workflow for a specific branch. E.g. when branch release is green, I would like the ability to choose to run a workflow of either deploy_staging or deploy_production.

I think I can probably accomplish this by specifying workflows with a series of hold/approval steps that we just ignore most of the time, but that sure seems like a hack.


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  • Mar 27 2018
  • Future consideration
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