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Approve workflows via API

Right before we hit the approval step in our workflow, we ping Slack with a link to the workflow so that someone can go into CircleCI to approve. We’d love it if we could respond to our chatops bot and it could approve the job without us having to leave Slack. However, there doesn’t seem to be a public API that exposes the functionality of clicking on the Approve button.

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  • Mar 13 2018
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    26 Mar 16:54

    This is a much needed feature, we really need this functionality in the API as well.

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    Guest commented
    04 May 20:05

    It would also be useful if there was a way to prevent users from approving, and only having an API call be able to approve. We'd like to implement some workflows that have an API approval in them, but don't want users to also be able to go in to approve something manually.

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    Guest commented
    03 Nov 12:59

    1. When triggering a job, the workspace context is not available. we can use persist_to_workspace, attach_workspace to share context information between jobs, but this is not possible when using current API.

    2. The workflow steps are broken. Once a approval job is trigger (which later triggers another job through API call), subsequent jobs cannot be configured which restricts us to having approvals as the only last step in workflow.
    We would be able to do Job1->Approve->job2 with context of job2-->approve-->3rd job with the context of job3.