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Explicitly support or do not support the awsebcli

Relevant support conversation: 30637

CircleCI 2 provides first-class support for `awscli` through passing in environment variables. However, this is insufficient for the use of the `awsebcli`, which seems to be a wrapper around sets of commands in the `awscli`.

The difference is that `awsebcli` requires a profile/credential file, which was provided in CircleCI 1. To use a command like `eb deploy` in CircleCI 2, you either need to explicitly dump the credential variables into a profile file, or patch together the same functionality using a series of `aws` commands - an s3 upload, an elasticbeanstalk version update, and an elasticbeanstalk environment update.

[People have suggested workarounds](, and we're using the workaround where you dump the env vars into a credential file.

One of the things that CircleCI trumpets is first-class support for various deployment pipelines. The experience was better in CircleCI 1 for the `awsebcli`, and it's frustrating to find documentation for this in v1 that isn't in v2.

I'd like one of two things:

  1. Provide first-class support for `awsebcli` alongside `awscli`
  2. Provide documentation that indicates that `awsebcli` does not work out of the box, and provide workarounds in said documentation
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  • Mar 2 2018
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    02 Mar 20:41

    Except that awsebcli DID work out of the box for the last couple weeks no less. All I had to do was install it with pip, and it just worked. As far as I know, it does in fact use the same creds as awscli. What makes you think otherwise?