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Ability to only run CI jobs in a given region

To reduce data transfer, it would be nice to specify a region to run all builds from.  We only deploy to us-east-1 so running everything in that region would speed up ECR pushes and pulls.  I'm guessing this would help with docker_layer_caching as well.

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  • Feb 19 2018
  • Future consideration
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    20 Feb 18:35

    Running in the same region helps with data transfer as well as the time it takes to "Spin Up Environment". I imagine this could increase the load unnecessarily on circle's infrastructure though.


    I'd be fine if there was simply a way to detect the AWS region and make the ECR that circle pulls from dynamic based on the region. Something like:


      - image: 12345.dkr.ecr.${CIRCLE_AWS_REGION}


    This would require developers to have duplicate ECRs in different regions, but I'd be ok with that tradeoff.