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Dynamic config.yml

Circle 2.0 has been great, but our team would like to be able to be able to control how the build pipeline operates at build-time by dynamically generating the circle.yml.

At build, we'd like to be able to somehow run a command that dumps out the content of a circle.yml. By doing so, we could calculate a build plan on our monorepo for the workflow that should be run specifically for what projects in the monorepo have changed on the branch. This would make it easier for us to run jobs in parallel and kick off a build flow that's much more dynamic.

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  • Jan 29 2018
  • Future consideration
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    Nathan Dintenfass commented
    10 Apr 19:35

    This kind of functionality is on our radar. Between now and then we are likely to offer other forms of dynamism that are closer to our current config paradigm (allowing for parameterized/shared bits of config as well as looking at possibly allowing filtering based on where files have changed to accommodate monorepos that want to run conditional workflows/jobs based on what parts of the repo are being changed). Along with that work will come a more formal schema for a fully-expanded form of our config that will be needed as a target for any dynamic config creation.