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Workflows - Serialize jobs

There is currently no non-hacky way to make sure we don't run multiple deploys.

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  • Dec 5 2017
  • Future consideration
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    Guest commented
    01 Feb 18:34

    Much needed feature!

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    Guest commented
    02 Apr 17:43

    Any ETA on this feature?

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    Guest commented
    10 May 20:55

    right now we have 2 workflows.. a build-and-test and a build-test-and-deploy.. the later is only used for our staging and production branches.. (the ones that actually do the deploys)

    So I'd see this as either done at the entire workflow e.g. define this workflow as serialize only so only one instance (per branch) is run at a time..  Or have it done per job within the workflow.. e.g. stating the "deploy to staging" or "deploy to production" step can only be run in a serialized fashion.